Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Oxford English Dictionary Online

Te latest quarterly update to the Oxford English Dictionary Online is available at!
OVER 1,300 NEW AND REVISED WORDSThe revised material in this update includes words in the range of "ran" to "reamy." In his latest article, John Simpson, Chief Editor of the OED, discusses these revisions, noting that the entries at the beginning and end of these ranges tend to be rather inconsequential terms -- in this instance, when's the last time you referred to something frothy as "reamy?" Nonethless, Simpson also mentions that in addition to the monumental prefix "re-," the list of revised words also includes more significant terms like ranch, rancid, ransom, rational, ravage, and read.
Principal Editor of New Words Graeme Diamond highlights notable new words ew, plus-one, podcasting, and Rashomon in a commentary written for this update. New words also added to the OED include the quite colorful time suck, skeezy, brewski, and frenemy, among others.
THREE LAPS TO GOWhat will be the 3rd edition of the OED is now a quarter complete with this December update. At the quarter mark of this revision process, the OED now contains a staggering 263,917 entries (741,153 meanings), illustrated by 2,931,547 quotations!
THE OED IS CELEBRATING ITS 80TH ANNIVERSARYIf you’ve always wanted a copy of the Oxford English Dictionary (or if your current copy has seen better days!), don't miss your chance: the magnificent 20-volume printed set is only available through January 31, 2009 at the special offer price of just $895.